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cancerousjim's Journal

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I am here for one reason. I am keeping a journal of what is going on in my life for others to read if they wish and to just informed friends and fellow workers of my plight at this time. I really don't live an exciting life and just wish to inform. This journal is dedicated to my son Grant, what family I do have left, my late wife's family, and all my friends and other people I have known throughout my life. I have met many of people in my day, both good and bad. I have enjoy 99.9% of all of those I have met. I hope to continue to meet and greet others for many more years. Let's hope this journal continues on and on and on...lol.
and ice tea., and most of all, animals, art, cancer survival, cheese, computers, dreams, etc., fantasy, friends, girls named tammy, girls of all sizes, hair products for men, history, hold em poker, internet, lively dancing, living with cancer, mellon's, mountain biking, movies, music, salty things, snow skiing, speedo's, three piece suits, whaling, writing