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Sunday Morning Coffee! - cancerousjim
February 18th, 2007
09:05 am


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Sunday Morning Coffee!
Good Morning All,

I guess most people like to get up on Sunday mornings and read the paper and have their morning coffee. Yes, coffee is a bad habit but hell, living is a bad habit any more. There doesn't seem to be anything in life one can do that isn't bad for you. A young lady I am getting to know at the Bunge Corp. and I were talking about that this week via e-mails. We sort of use e-mail as a chat mechanism and send little one line messages back and forth about a zillion subjects. Anyway, I am having my Sunday morning coffee and I like to read the news on the Internet. I have a number of news sites I go to and catch up on what's going on in the world. I use the newspaper I guess for local news.

Before I go any further, let me say that last night I had one awesome sleep. I slept so good and so sound it was unbelievable. I only get one of these type sleeps about once every three months....(yes I said months,) but man, it sure feels good when you get them. There is a combination of things I guess that must happen in my body chemistry that allows me to sleep well or not sleep well. I slept like a "mother," last night. I feel wonderful. Anyone want to wrestle? haha.

Terrible about Britney Spears. I must say, she looks sexy bald. Not! I never have thought of her as anything but .....sort of a slut shall we say. Slut is a bad word. I'm sorry I used that. I hate to use words that are female oriented and have no male equivalent. Slut, whore, and many I shouldn't write are not fair words. Take bitch though for example. You have bastard as it's male equivalent. It's a fair word! How did I get off on this. Anyway, Britney needs some big time professional help it appears. Let's hope she gets it. More car bombs in Iraq. That's getting to be old news but when it takes an Americans lives, lets not look at it as old news. Let's be sorry for the loss for the family of the soldiers that die. I can honestly say, I was against this stupid war before it ever started. It's going to be another, "cut and run," war like we seem to always get our ass in. Vietnam, sending troops to Lebanon only to have them blown up in one car bomb and we cut and ran. Somalia? A Black Hawk goes down so we cut and run. We're good at starting things, killing a mess of human beings, then somehow get tired of it and cut and run. It's getting old. Oh well, some will disagree with me so I better stop here. Let me remind you though that I was in the Vietnam Era and served my four years but got myself out alive thank you. So that gives me the right to gripe. It does! The 140,000 troops should be in Afghanistan, not Iraq. Enough said. Actually, the 140,000 troops should be home. That's all about that!

It's suppose to start warming back up here. We had a beautiful winter going until about mid-January then it went to winter. It had been so warm I did not wear a coat out until mid-January. We had snow and ice since but next week, 60's and higher according to local weather man so yea. I love spring and I hope it comes early.

Now, I'm going to cut and run. I'm going to do some breakfast and go wash my car. It's awful on the inside too. I stop at the mail box each day in my car and leave the junk mail in it and carry the bills and real mail inside the house. I have to get that junk mail out of the car and it the trash where it belongs. Have you noticed how much, "spam" we get in the mail today? Every time you write a check for something, someone takes your name and address off the check and bingo, junk mail. Says a lot for using a bank card now days. Oh well........

Nothing about cancer. I guess that is good. This blog is suppose to be about cancer but it doesn't hurt to just chit chat now and then right?

Hugs to all,

Jimmy Jim

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Date:February 20th, 2007 10:33 pm (UTC)
Christina just called and told me I needed to check your blog. You are always in my prayers everyday and night.
If GOD brings it to you, He will bring you through it.

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Date:February 21st, 2007 12:25 am (UTC)
thanks Beverly........I do appreciate it. Tell Christina hi for me too.......and Andy and everyone else.........okay?
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